Ran 1/2 Marathon, Wrote Book, What next?

In the last twelve months, I ran a half marathon and wrote 400+ page technical book on SAP CRM.  The race is over and the book is almost finished, so the question becomes what should I do next.  The reason why I ask this is that before writing the book I decided to step away from the SAP Mentor Program and SCN Moderator.   The issue is that I do want to return, but I don't want to do what I was doing before hand.

Before I stepped away, I was serving a moderator for way too many area on SAP CRM on SCN.  There was way too much content to be an effective moderator.  I have decided that if I become an active moderator again, it's going to be for only one or two spaces related to SAP CRM period.  I'm also going to step aside from actively answering questions going forward.  It doesn't mean I won't answer question, but instead I'm going to save my answers for those questions that nobody else will answer or high-level design discussions.

Now I know this looks like I'm not really coming back, but yes I will in a different fashion.  My new contribution focus will be at least a once a week blog covering a topic of my choice.  I'm going to keep one night a week dedicated towards writing and that writing will be a blog topic.  My goal with the blog will be educate, influence, and amuse the community on topics related to the SAP ecosystem.

Finally on the SAP Mentor program, well I have been asked about coming back and the answer was tentative yes.  However I do think there are some fresh voices heard in other channels in the SAP CRM community that also need some SAP Mentor recognition. If those voices are recognized then I'm going to continue to stay on the alumni side doing "my thing".  It's not that I don't appreciate or welcome being back on the SAP Mentor community, but I know how do what I should be doing without having to be a SAP Mentor.  As the program has limited resources, I don't want to hold a spot when they can be used more effectively for others. 

I'm sure this is not the answer that people were expecting and there might be some disappointment, but it is a new journey for me.  I will admit my other option was to stay away completely,  however I realized that I just couldn't do that. 


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