Green/Sustainable CRM

So eventually I'm going to blog on this topic on SCN. However until all my research is done, let's outline a few concepts:

Drive to eBusiness

  • e-Commerce real time retail availability

Prevent consumers from making unnecessary trips by providing up to date in store inventory.

  • electronic mailing

Send out all communications via electronic methods

  • webinar based selling

Conduct followup "sales visit" using web conferencing and reduce number of physical trips

  • paperless discounts

Eliminate all paper based discounts, including coupons and rebates.

  • Communication preferences

Keep customer preferences up to date and gear people towards electronic medium. Only use physical marketing materials when preference expressed

  • electronic mailing

Once again use electronic channel to reduce junk mail etc. Offer different types of e-goodies to replace traditional promo items given out

  • improve targeting

Reduce physical materials by better segmentation and analytics

  • e-Service requests

All documentation regarding service etc.. in electronic format. Paper copy optional

  • self service / improve scheduling

Allow self service scheduling of appointments + early cancel mechanism via web.

  • remote diagnostics

Provide more remote troubleshooting capabilities when possible.

Consumer Habits
Default to electronic channel, paper on request only


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