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Radio Silence

For the last three weeks, it feels like I have gone into radio silence mode without much explanation. I thought I blog real quick what has been personally happening with me so those of you following me know what's happening.

For a quick recap let's review my 2010 so far:

January 2010 - My son Zachary(2nd child) was born on the 12th. It's been a busy household adjusting to two kids

February 2010 - Calm before the storm. We finally get into a routine with Zachary and Emily and life is flowing with the new normal. Little did I know that things would change again in about two weeks

March 2010
The first big issue is that Zachary has bad reflux and is not gaining a lot weight and has a ton of spit up. We find out after his two month appointment. I end up taking a half day off work to help my wife deal with the reflux issues after his doctor appointment. Good news now is that it seems to be under control now and he is finally showing more weight gain.

The second piece is that I …