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Goal to Problem

I wanted to talk about this yesterday, but my latest facebook addiction consumed more of my time. The topic today is about whether we from IT practice CRM when we deal with our customers?

Now I personally work in a very laid-back, informal shop. The CRM guy part of me, says that we need to apply what the business is doing, with what we are doing with IT. So if I'm not using those practices via the system, I should be at least applying the concepts in practice. I try to take every question with serious consideration, even if some give me a chuckle at times. The problem is how do you provide a great "user experience", with limited resources.

The goal I have to is to provide "white glove" help with every question. I want to make sure that even if we do not solve their goal, we provide a solution to their problem. I bet you are confused about the goal part. Well every user comes in a with a goal and a problem. The goal is what they think is wrong and the pro…