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End of June

Wow it is almost the end of June and things have gone by so quickly. I'm looking back at this month and realizing that I have about 4 works till my Anniversary trip with Karon and 8 weeks until vacation.

I'm looking forward to vacation as I'm going back to San Diego with Karon and get to take Emily out there with us. Karon and myself love San Diego and went there on our honeymoon. It will be special to take our daughter out there to see everything out there.

I'm also have been gradually working on getting the room that acts as my office in my house ready to be painted. Unfortuantely there is a lot of junk that needs to be moved out, packed up and some of gotten rid of. However I have a few weeks to get the room fully ready, and by the end of this week I plan on packing/moving another bookshelf out, plus empty most of the closet.

Well I probably should get going here, but I will post more later on some CRM related topics when I think of something good.

Take care.

Thank you and other thoughts

I wanted to follow up and once again thank in generally everyone who sent their congratulations and thank yous after the SAP Mentor News. I'm impressed with how friendly/welcoming all the SAP Mentors have been. The group itself is quite impressive, so it is quite a honor just to get to associate with this group of people :)

I think I have been given a great chance to learn, but also help other people grow. Here is what I would like to try to accomplish during my year term as a SAP Mentor.

Community Goals
- Further build the CRM online community by encouraging blogging, wiki gardeners and participation beyond answering questions in the forums.
- Continue to grow the CRM online knowledgebase(wiki, blogs, and wikis) so that common questions can be found easily and discussions grow more technical
- Attempt to bring people who won't participate on SCN due to "noise/other issues" to participate, even if on a irregular basis
- Spread the word about SAP Mentor Program and the …

Feeling Better and SAP Mentor

Well it has been interesting last couple of days. I'm now feeling almost 100% after getting sick last week, which is good considering I'm done with the meds prescribed. The weekend was interesting as my wife's car has been in the shop since Saturday and hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. In addition my father broke his arm on Saturday and is still trying to recover from that issue.

The last couple days have been busy as we over at my parents on Sunday to visit my dad. Monday night I headed over again to help getting his wireless setup and moving some furniture. Tuesday was taking care of the household, and tomorrow if it doesn't rain I'm hoping to cut the yard again. Thursday is the wing ding at Bass Pro near my house, so the week is pretty jam packed.

On the work aspect of life I found out on Friday from a phone call that I was selected as a SAP mentor. I had the first welcome call this Monday, which was pretty interesting. I'm still working on my prep w…

A few personal thoughts

Normally this blog tends to focus on the CRM related aspects of my life. However let's a take a quick detour and go through the last week or two.

This week has been quite interesting. I started out the month with trying to establish a regular workout routine, only to have that stopped by getting pretty sick. Now keep in mind whatever I had was there before I worked out on Monday evening. I ended joking to Karon about getting a doctor's appt for wednesday and good thing. By dinnertime on wednesday I had about 101.8 fever, but I broke it over night. Luckily doc gave me some good meds to fight the sinus infection, but I must say I'm just still not a 100%. I'm definitely a little crankier than normal, and not as focused. Doesn't mean I can't get stuff done, but need to definitely "organize" in order to move forward.

I also found getting sick helps your weight loss goals. I have been supporting Karon on her biggest loser challenge and I'm about …

Catching up

A quick recap of what's been going on/keeping me from blogging:

- Karon's Birthday on Memorial Day
- Got sick earlier this week
- Playing 1vs100 on the xbox360 - pretty cool
- work, without it I can't blog lol...

I'll pick a topic for the next post.

Take care,