Thank you and other thoughts

I wanted to follow up and once again thank in generally everyone who sent their congratulations and thank yous after the SAP Mentor News. I'm impressed with how friendly/welcoming all the SAP Mentors have been. The group itself is quite impressive, so it is quite a honor just to get to associate with this group of people :)

I think I have been given a great chance to learn, but also help other people grow. Here is what I would like to try to accomplish during my year term as a SAP Mentor.

Community Goals
- Further build the CRM online community by encouraging blogging, wiki gardeners and participation beyond answering questions in the forums.
- Continue to grow the CRM online knowledgebase(wiki, blogs, and wikis) so that common questions can be found easily and discussions grow more technical
- Attempt to bring people who won't participate on SCN due to "noise/other issues" to participate, even if on a irregular basis
- Spread the word about SAP Mentor Program and the value of participating in the SCN community to help better enhance/maintain/install your SAP software implementation.

Personal goals
- Get to know/communicate with other SAP Mentors and SCN community members on a more regular basis, including those outside of my area of expertise
- Organize some type of community call for CRM open to all SCN community members
- Further develop my CRM knowledge understanding
- Have fun while trying to accomplish all the goals, and not take myself or anything way too seriously.


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