A few personal thoughts

Normally this blog tends to focus on the CRM related aspects of my life. However let's a take a quick detour and go through the last week or two.

This week has been quite interesting. I started out the month with trying to establish a regular workout routine, only to have that stopped by getting pretty sick. Now keep in mind whatever I had was there before I worked out on Monday evening. I ended joking to Karon about getting a doctor's appt for wednesday and good thing. By dinnertime on wednesday I had about 101.8 fever, but I broke it over night. Luckily doc gave me some good meds to fight the sinus infection, but I must say I'm just still not a 100%. I'm definitely a little crankier than normal, and not as focused. Doesn't mean I can't get stuff done, but need to definitely "organize" in order to move forward.

I also found getting sick helps your weight loss goals. I have been supporting Karon on her biggest loser challenge and I'm about a few pounds away from my 10% weight loss goal. My ultimate goal is 15%, but that is a long term by end of the year or further away. Don't ask my trick, but the simple solution is don't eat ice cream everyday(only once a week), don't eat deserts every day and eat smaller portions. Add some exercise either outdoors or in the gym and eventually you should "lose it". Yes I have been using the iphone app to help with this phase.

Well I also found out some news that may turn out to be interesting. Can't really say, because as I twittered I'm pretty darn confused at this point. Weird part it is on two separate items, which eventually I'll figure it out.

Well I'm tired and need to sleep. I just want to get back to feeling normal and I'm not 100% there.


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