Feeling Better and SAP Mentor

Well it has been interesting last couple of days. I'm now feeling almost 100% after getting sick last week, which is good considering I'm done with the meds prescribed. The weekend was interesting as my wife's car has been in the shop since Saturday and hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. In addition my father broke his arm on Saturday and is still trying to recover from that issue.

The last couple days have been busy as we over at my parents on Sunday to visit my dad. Monday night I headed over again to help getting his wireless setup and moving some furniture. Tuesday was taking care of the household, and tomorrow if it doesn't rain I'm hoping to cut the yard again. Thursday is the wing ding at Bass Pro near my house, so the week is pretty jam packed.

On the work aspect of life I found out on Friday from a phone call that I was selected as a SAP mentor. I had the first welcome call this Monday, which was pretty interesting. I'm still working on my prep work for the welcome call. I have a rough draft done for now, but need to formalize part of it. In addition I'm finally starting the last phase of my user conversion projects. All I can say is that I don't enjoy spending several hours in excel preparing all the source files for the conversion. Don't ask my why I'm doing it, besides the fact that it just needs to get done. It beats waiting for project requirements, but that is another long story.

So if I haven't been as "active" lately it because things have been quite busy. The good news is that I'm finishing up my backlog so things will get back to "normal" again.


  1. Hi Stephen,
    Congts for this milestone.


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