Are we social by being one way broadcasters?

Sorry folks, but I don't buy into SAP launch of the CRM with "social media". I mean honestly the twitter feed is less than revealing, my wife posts more photos in a day than what they have done in the last week, and the you tube videos are "cute" at best. I mean they don't even tag the photos in the flickr set, so who knows who is there, unless you are there.

No I'm not jealous that I'm not at the conference. I much rather be here in St. Louis converting about 40 sets of data in our CRM system in colder weather. However the weather is nice, but I guess I will have to settle for no visits to Disney right now.

Personally the whole lack of social online ecosystem, is that is not customer driven enough in the CRM space. BPX/SDN/Consulting for Free or whatever you want to call it, doesn't have a lot of customer created content in the CRM space. Yeah a lot of people answer forum questions, but that is easy enough to do. It takes a lot more effort to do more. Yet the crazy SDN folks are trying to get people to a "second level" of participation beyond content contribution. Seriously when you can get more than 10 people in the CRM area outside of SAP interested in more than answering questions for points, then we will talk about the "third level".

Now that my rant is over, another time I will have to explain why I can say this lol... Then again as wise man once told me on the internet nobody really knows that you are a dog.


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